June 26, 2009

summer projects announced

Summer weather in New York so far =
After gathering your emails, facebook messages, anonymous tips and phone calls, I have compiled a list of summer projects. This list will probably be expanded, but for now...

Summer Projects
Benjamin's idea: Reverse Ekphrasis... take a picture that represents a poem or something else literary.

Jake's idea: Portraits of Dancers.

Josh's idea: Take an item and place it where it doesn't belong (or where it wouldn't normally be found), and then, of course, take a picture.

Emily's idea: Variations on Diane Arbus.

Emily's idea 2: Trompe-l'œil (either I'll photograph an example of this or try to create it in a photo)

Chris' idea: Find one or two photos by photographers you admire. Try to recreate them exactly.

Steve's idea: Nudes.

Andrews' idea: Negative spaces.

Jennie's idea: Pictures of people from very far away.

My ideas:
Tourist for a day. Dress up as a New York City tourist with a friend and go around the city taking photos that emulate/put a spin on typical tourist photography. 

Street walking. Randomly select a number then walk across Manhattan on the designated street from river to river. Take at least 2 photos per avenue block.

Portrait station. Setup shop on a sidewalk or in a park with a sign offering free portraits. I also want to photograph everyone I know.

I'm not sure what order these will go in, but I hope to get one up by next week. If anyone sees something they'd like to be a part of, please let me know. My camera is collecting a little dust so I need to get moving!

P.S. Thanks to Paul for helping me make my photos larger!
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June 14, 2009


help me with my summer projects! see previous post.
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June 09, 2009

summer projects

Now that my assignments are complete... I need more. I'm going to compile a list of summer photo projects. I have some ideas of my own, but I'd love your input! I think there are 3 of you who follow this blog and I love your comments, constructive criticisms and ego boosters... now it's time for you to put on your thinking caps and toss me a project idea. Maybe your idea is to have me photograph YOU! Let me know. Comment below or send me an email. I'm down for just about anything [with my camera].

Mandatory photo...

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June 02, 2009

assignment 12 [PROJECT 5]


I decided to take some simple portraits for my final project using film. 



This means my assignments are complete! Stay tuned for my list of summer projects. I will keep updating my sketchbook until then, with more film shots.
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