April 21, 2009

assignment 9

Take 10 pictures of the human figure in 10 different positions.

This assignment was very exciting/scary for me. I don't take a lot of pictures of people. I want to do that more. I just tried to experiment and play a little without thinking too much.
Thank you to everyone who posed for me. If your pictures aren't up here, it's only because I have a lot to learn and came up with a lot of blurry/overexposed pictures that could have looked great if I knew more about what I am doing. If you wanted to pose for me don't fret... I still have more human figure assignments!

In no particular order...

For the full resolution and a few more photos you can visit my flickr.


  1. i like the one of nefertiti

  2. these are badass! i need to make a webpage.. good job sadler