March 10, 2009


After eagerly unveiling my first post on Sunday, I realized I had no idea what to do next. I had some vague plans, but nothing with structure. I decided I would give myself homework. Using the syllabus from a drawing class I took in college, I've created a schedule of assignments that I'll complete over the next month and a half. They cover the basic principles of art, although I'm not sure how to translate some into the photo world. Below is my initial blog syllabus.

1. Take 1 photo inside and 1 photo outside of your apartment. Don't think about it too much.
2. Define some basic art terms using photos (ie: line, highlight, negative space).
3. Take 10 photos of the same chair in 10 different positions. (I need to buy a chair.)
4. [PROJECT 1] Still life. Take a picture of 3 objects together in an interesting composition.
5. Get out! Observe! Go to an art museum.
6. [PROJECT 2] Maybe someone can help me with this. We were supposed to draw pictures from photos... maybe I should take a photo to recreate a drawing? Maybe recreate a photo I see somewhere? Hm. There will be 2 photos for this. Maybe I'll experiment.
7. Get abstract. Look at two corners of your apartment in a different way. Reinterpret them in the photos. They do not have to look like anything.
8. [PROJECT 3] Go outside and do what you just did in #7. 
9. Take 10 pictures of the human figure in 10 different positions.
10. Recreate 10 of the images from the handout (pictures of body parts and stuff... it will be clearer down the road).
11. [PROJECT 4] Take a picture of the human figure. (I'll have to make this special... maybe the person will be naked or something...)

I promise this is as boring as the posts will get... I just wanted to establish some plans. Since this is a photo blog, I feel like I should post one...

Here's a picture of my notebook with my syllabus in it.

Thanks to Jason Tomme, my drawing teacher.

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