March 25, 2009

assignment 4 [PROJECT 1]

Still life. Take a picture of 3 objects together in an interesting composition.


  1. I love the lighting in this picture! Compositionally (is that a word?), I think it's amazing. If I can think of any constructive criticism (since you asked earlier... I hope that's what you want throughout!) I would say be wary of objects that are interesting simply because pop culture is, for the moment, obsessed with vintage. From what I can see, there are a lot of pictures of old household items coming out of Brooklyn and I wonder if it undermines your ability as a photographer to have your subject so much like everyone else's. On the other hand, I LOVE that you put a lemon in with them, made me smile. Yeah, I love this picture, I keep looking at it...

  2. I totally dig this photo...